CINERDISTAN is about cine projectors, organized mainly by film gauge,

but with many digressions into related areas, particularly in the 9.5 mm sections.

It is basically a sort of blog of what I have been doing over the years, organised to a degree into a

kind of archive of (hopefully useful and interesting) information.



The site is currently in a transition phase. There was the Great Software Disaster, after which the programme  (Front Page) in which I had built Cinerdistan was no longer usable, After casting about in various ways, the adopted solution was to move everything to Joomla!, which does have an exclamation mark. While most of the text survived, the majority of the pictures did not. This was probably because I had never needed to control the size of my pictures, which often ran into the 1-2mb area, and this tended to give Joomla! indigestion. So, whenever the spirit has moved me over the last few years, I have had my head down, first finding the original pictures, then adjusting their size (and often doing more tidying up work along the way) to suit Joomla!'s delicate digestion, and then feeding them in one at a time. I have had to deal with up to 100 pix on a single page.

So I'm afraid the user of Cinerdistan has to cope with two different styles of picture, sometimes mixed up together. The ones that survived the transition pop up one at a time and have to be closed using the back arrow.  The new ones are identified by having a little magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image. 
These are trendier, "growing" out of the screen and usually part of a set or group, which can be followed by using arrows etc on the pix. These are dismissed by the "x" button bottom right. Usually I have kept the original, higher definition images, so if it really matters to you, you can ask. 

There are various ways of using the site and finding stuff. There is a special Introductory Page for Newcomers.

If you know a projector name, the Projector Index is for you.

If it's a gauge you want, use the links top and bottom of each page or the list below.  Each gauge has an opening page which tells you about sections available, with through links. The sections may in turn sub-divide.

If you are an old lag, go to What's New which will take you direct to my latest postings.

There is also an in-built website search function (top right of the screen), which I admit I use myself sometimes.

Sometimes the only way is to go back to the main index page for a gauge or other section or use the site search function.

 Below is a list of the main site divisions.

The opening page of each section will tell you what's in there


First, a name-check for FLICKERS magazine, to which I contribute occasionally.

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Everything on this site is mine (except where other authorship is noted) and

I assert my copyright therein, including translations from and into French.

The material may be used for non-commercial purposes, subject to

acknowledgement of source; if anyone can come up with a commercial use,

we should talk. I welcome, but may not always accept, things that might be

added to the site, and I must express my gratitude to people in all parts of the world

who send in material. I give a name-check to anyone who provides information I use.


Martyn Stevens

Last updated November 2018


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